A Momentary Record

Precious moments that wants to remember are piling up.
The record where your life can be remembered in a special way.

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DDP-NFT Collecting Vol.1

NFT Desiner Contest

The opportunity for everyone
Challenge the future and possibilities of digital design using NFT

Topic: DDP Dot, Line, and Flat

1st Round: 2022. 9. 1 ~ 9. 29

2nd Round: 2022. 10. 6 ~ 11. 3

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Less Monday, More Summer

Cometyooon, FINGER HUMAN, JUNE IS FREE, Mongdal, Szé

2022.07.20 ~ 2022.08.03

Each summer of the five artists is not as intense as the sunlight, but they give us a taste of calm and low-key summer at the boundary between reality and virtuality. The summer expressed in each individuality reminds us of the summer we had forgotten due to the heat and tiredness of daily life and delivers a calm rest.

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김기라 작가, 유승호 작가, 박승진 작가

Desire of New Vision

KIM Kira, YOO Seungho, PARK Seungjin

2022.06.23 ~ 2022.07.07

The time of effort to reach the results created by challengers can lead to another opportunity and allowing them to explore the value of their own existence. We build up time with artists KIM Kira, YOO Seungho, and PARK Seungjin who want to explore new trends.

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Klaydino 공룡 캐릭터


2022.05.24 ~ 2022.05.31

KlayDino is a PFP NFT art green initiative project to save the Earth. KlayDinos are born to save the earth with those who care about the Earth over the world, giving positive influences to more people. Join us! To be a part of the green waves! :)

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