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New Vision

Challenges don't always guarantee good results. Nevertheless, with the changing flow of the times, there are many people who do not settle for their existing positions and take on new challenges. The time of effort to reach the results created by challengers can lead to another opportunity and allowing them to explore the value of their own existence.
We build up time with artists KIM Kira, YOO Seungho, and PARK Seungjin who want to explore new trends.
The artist challenges the new blockchain world from the existing real world of art, constantly asking questions about expression, and expanding the form of art.
The art world on the blockchain is both realistic and unreal at the same time.
In a world with ambiguous boundaries, artists create their identities by harmonizing with the real artwork without being constrained by form.
By reinterpreting the value of the essence of art in a world that transcends time and space, the artwork has a new meaning of value.

김 기 라KIM Kira

About Artist

KIM Kira received his BFA and MA at the Kyoungwon University of the fine Art and sculpture, in Sungnam, South Korea and MA in fine art at Goldsmith College, University of London. U.K. Kim actively expresses the social responsibility of art and artists through video and photography. He consistently intends to deliver messages that deal with political and historical controversy throughout his works. He also examines the operational mechanism of a capitalist society and thus comprehends the eccentric phenomenon of the Korean society with consumerism and exploitation, excitement and sarcasm. As an artisan of capitalism, Kim’s works are a great spectacle but somewhat empty, revealing the everyday of Korean society in an austere but intense way. Kim’s work has been shown at Kunsthalle Düsseldorf 2013 (GER), 2009 King's Lynn Arts Centre (UK), MOCA Taipei 2014, Kaohsiung museum of fine arts,(Taiwan) National Museum of Contemporary Art(Korea), SEMA Seoul Museum of Art(Korea), Samsung Leeum Museum(Korea), Liverpool Biennial 2010(UK), Minsheng Art Museum, SantralIstanbul, Istanbul(Turkey),The Bienniel of Graphic Arts (Slovenia)Prague Biennale, Karlin Hall (Czech Republic), Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo (Italy), Nanjing Museum (China) and etc.

Artist’s Note

This work was produced with a drawing technique for European medieval Engraving prints. This work and image tells us about Kim Ki-ra's <"Modern Landscape" 2007> One of the 140 images in the related series was produced through digital drawing. Through this work, Kim Ki-ra focuses on how individuals are wary, placed, and located in relation to social and cultural positions, and metaphorizes capitalist desires and landscapes as top building in the world 2007. In addition, this work was introduced to international exhibitions and national and public art galleries such as the Modern Museum of Contemporary Art 2008 <Boundary>, <Gold Crystal> 2007 Changdong Studio Solo Exhibition, and <Republic of Propaganda> 2008 Gallery LOOP. Currently, the work is displayed and distributed as prints and NFT works.

top building in the world
유 승 호YOO Seungho

About Artist

YOO Seungho received BFA at Han-Sung University in Seoul, South Korea and has kept focusing on the boundary between text and painting, meaning and image. He combines thousands, tens, and hundreds of millions of tiny letters to form an image and it newly defines the relationship between notation and meaning as texts are aggregated and replaced the images. YOO’s works have been shown at Welcome to the Fairyland, Mori Art Museum (Tokyo), HANGUK-HWA, Mindful Landscape, Daejeon Museum of Art (Daejeon), Hangeul Calligraphy x Latin Typography, Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum (Seoul), Jin (to Advance). Tong (to Communicate). Contemporary Korean Art Since the 1990’s, Gwangju Museum of Art (Gwangju), modest monuments: Contemporary Art from Korea, King’s Lynn Arts Centre (King’s Lynn, U.K.), The 5th Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art, Queensland Art Gallery (Brisbane), The Elegance of Silence, Mori Art Museum (Tokyo), Officina Asia, Galleria D’Arte Moderna (Bologna), Project 1, PAUSE, Gwangju Biennale (Gwangju), Currents in Korean Contemporary Art, Taipei Fine Arts Museum (Taipei) / Hong Kong Arts Center (Hong Kong) Young Korean Artists Exhibition 2000: Towards the New millennium, National Museum of Contemporary Art (Gwacheon), The State OF 1990s Korean Contemporary Art, Allen Kim Murpy Gallery (Seoul), etc. Also, YOO awarded at The 22th Suk Nam Arts Prize (Seoul), and Won Excellency Reward at the 5th Kongsan Art Festival (Seoul).

Artist’s Note

My works can be viewed as a ‘write-draw’ relationship. If you look at the work from afar, it looks like a painting, but when you get closer, you can see countless small letters scattered around it. In other words, my work can be images or texts.
I was fascinated by the 'ambiguous' brush strokes (outlines) - A phenomenon in which the outline is spread as the ink spreads on the hwaseon paper - of ink paintings and started making new textual paintings. Interest in such ambiguity is expanding to critical demarcation of boundaries between traditional oriental painting and graffiti, brush and pencil, uniqueness, and repetition.
The words used in these types of writing works are mainly onomatopoeia and mimetic words.
For example, it is to create an image with numerous small Korean letters written in "Shu Shu Shu-," "Eng Eng Eng Eng-," "Eong~Eong," "Yah~Ho," "U Su Su Su," "Ju Ru Ru Luk," and "Eong Geum Eong Geum."
This is clearly seen in my long-standing work topic, the word 'echowords', which would mean 'words to imitate' with a rough translation.


박 승 진PARK Seungjin

About Artist

PARK Seungjin is an artist who received BFA at Ulsan University and MFA at Korea National University and has consistently questioned the appearance of modern society tied to the daily systems and customs surrounding us through his works. His work is critical of whether the things inherent in our lives are real, and it is meaningful to remind us that we need our own efforts to break away from them. The artworks of PARK has shown at SPLENDED SCENERY, Gallery175 (Seoul), Sorcery, Grida Gallery (Seoul), SAPY COLLECTION, SAPY (Seoul), Infinity_fSM Ⅱ, Incheon Art Platform (Ulsan), Art Gwangju 13 The ventilation system, Kimdaejung Convention Center (Gwangju), DOUBLE MEANNG, Songeun Gallery (Seoul), The Moon Café, National Museum of Contemporary Art (Seoul), ASYAAF, The old Soeul branch at the site of Defense Security Command (Seoul), etc.

Artist’s Note

I am working from the interest in the image of modern people, who are deceived by countless images that may not be true in modern society. We are living in an era where the boundaries between what is 'essence' and what is 'illusion' are disappearing and replicas take the place of reality.

We are

In metropolis where modern people mainly live, relations with humans are easily excluded due to blind urban planning for the benefit of established interests. The fast-blowing daily life surrounded by cold concrete and glass fragments, passes as if ignoring the existence of individuals.
In a modern society that is driven, manipulated, and distorted by someone invisible, the hope for the future is invisible, opaque, and unstable.

I’m working with interest in the appearance of city called ‘Seoul,’ where we live. Urban planning is blindly carried out for the benefit of the established interests in this large city in which we live. One of the landscapes created by the plan is the landscape of a 'planned park' surrounded by cold concrete and glass fragments. The 'planned park' creates the illusion of being in nature. We rest under the illusion and think of it as a scenic place. We spend a lot of time there talking, eating, and looking at our cell phones. Most of our lives, as well as planned parks in the city center,
may be filled with things that pretend to be real or replace the real thing. Or maybe it's all.

One day

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