Less Monday,
More Sunday

Who would have said that summer is a season full of freshness?
The stuffy heat of people in public transportation, the sweat dripping even when standing still, the humidity that only increases the sticky discomfort, and tropical nights on a midsummer where it’s hard to get a deep sleep.
The words that define summer in the city are far from refreshing.
Standing in the middle of summer in the city, we cannot be glad about even the occasional showers that are insufficient to cool down the summer heat.
To cool off from the sweltering heat, we only take a gulp of cold iced coffee.
I want to leave somewhere. These days, when it is difficult to concentrate on daily life with this sentence going round and round in my head, and fresh summer days are desperately needed.
The summer when you fall into the blue sea as if you’ve forgotten all your troubles, and sometimes miss the calm moonlight of the countryside with the lit of bonfire.
Five artists, Cometyooon, FINGER HUMAN, June IS FREE, Mongdal, and Szé, express their desire to enjoy summer in an unfamiliar place outside the daily routine of the city.

나뭇잎1 나뭇잎2 나뭇잎3 나뭇잎4

About Artist


I’m FINGER HUMAN, the artist who wants to communicate with the world through hands.
The various gestures of fingers and your own skin color. There are no such thing as identical hands under heaven. Every one of us has our own [FINGER HUMAN].
Anyone who wants to communicate with the world through their hands can be born with the hands of [FINGER HUMAN]. I would like to make your [FINGER HUMAN].

Artist’s Note

Daddy's Hand

The first star of [FINGER HUMAN] is someone who lives somewhere in Wooseong-myeon, Gongju-si, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea. His job is a farmer. A midsummer day is a holiday season for some, but as a farmer, it’s the busiest time of his life. He can’t stop working even though it looks like it’s cracking between his nails and bleeding for rice that the whole family to eat until next summer. I gave him a cute hat to block the hot sunlight for him, who concentrates on planting while covering the soil. Feel a midsummer day in the countryside through this work

Artist’s Note

Daddy's Resting

In the countryside, there is a time for snack while taking a break from work. The best snack on a summer day is, of course, watermelon. He was exhausted from planting the rice and fell asleep without even being able to bite off the watermelon. He didn’t even know he had seeds on his face. Like a very tasty ripe watermelon, he is getting hotter. He seems to be enjoying the summer to the fullest in his own way. May you have a lazy afternoon on a summer day with this sweet watermelon.

About Artist


I draw stories of monsters, children, and animals.
I want to talk about an ordinary but warm and soft-hearted day.

Artist’s Note

Let’s Play Shop Together

We play shop together.
Should I buy an ice cream for the doggy who wants to eat?
One ice cream, please. Sir!
I’ll give you the pretty clams I picked up on the beach yesterday instead.

Artist’s Note

You guys! Wake Up!

“You guys said you’d catch bugs!”
In the sunny summer,
the child was excited to catch the bugs,
but, friends can’t move because they are sweating a lot.

About Artist


I work with inspiration from what I have seen, felt, and experienced.
I am an open-minded illustrator who loves to give new perspectives on various colors, objects, people, and situations and new stimuli are always welcome.
I want to draw objects and people without prejudice and use colors in various and unique ways.

Artist’s Note

vacation 01

A virtual space that seems to make you forget the heat of a midsummer night.
I added fun to the composition by adding a new perspective with a larger-than-human cocktail glass and duck.
I would like to draw an illustration that allows you to forget the heat even for a moment while watching how people spend their time leisurely.

Artist’s Note

vacation 02

A bag lying on the beach.
When you open the bag, the water theme park is spread out.
I wanted to express the image of people who enjoy cool summer vacation to escape the midsummer heat.
I added a little bit of fun by combining elements that symbolize summer vacation, including beaches, water theme parks, and luggage, and changing the idea that there is a water theme park in the luggage.

About Artist


I express the freedom through photography in the gaze of my personal taste.
I use the sense of liberation feeling in the process of immersion in looking around enough until
I press the shutter and the beauty of that moment as the basis of my work.
I’m also trying new works that combine the two, paying attention to the recordability of photography and NFT.

Artist’s Note

Garden the Eternity

The [Garden the Eternity] collection is the first NFT art collection of photographer JUNE IS FREE. In the collection, he presents a new image created using decalcomanie techniques and palm trees, an object that often appears in his photos.
A virtual subject created by recombining a real subject that is twisted and inverted will be reborn as a garden. The leaves and branches of palm trees touch each other to form a new pattern of nature and help break free from the common notion. In addition, the completed work is grafted onto NFT and given stronger permanence, and finally exists as the garden of eternity that does not wither.
How about a garden that resonates with emotions beyond your consciousness?
What kind of garden do you see?

About Artist


It’s cold. It’s still. But somehow it’s warm. Is it because of that? I have a lot on my mind.
But I put on a brave face and take it calmly.
After this, no one knows what will happen next.
An illustrator, designer, professional homeboy who doesn’t like to go outside, but loves to travel.
I am drawing a picture where I can be the perfect me anywhere.

Artist’s Note


As the sky slowly turns pale pink, Lapland, which is -30 degrees Celsius, leaves a deep dark mark on my memory, with the cold air filling my lungs.

Artist’s Note

We, now, here

One dawn, when we laughed at just a story. our now.

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