The memories that are cumbersome to print and fade because
we don’t take them out from the gallery
Can’t we record our memories in a more special way so that
we can take them out anytime?

Collect Bfancy quest scrapbook characters as NFT, a brand that is
developing by trying new things without staying in one style and collect
your memories meaningfully with a quest scrapbook to bring it up anytime.


Bfancy aims to be a continuous brand that allows different ages and
genders to prefer and use Bfancy’s products.

We are planning and designing products to give customers various practical
stationery products as gifts.

Configuration of Scrapbook

Composition of quests to
keep memories more special
than regular albums

Digital PDF format for easy
transferring and editing

3 different covers that you
can choose from
*The cover image will be
provided as a PNG file.

Make the scrap more fun
with the included two

Each page and hyperlinks to the table of contents are included on every
page for quick and easy use
*Me and My Dog and Cooking Quest have the same hyperlink layout.

Beginner Cooking Scrap Book
‘Cooking Quest’

Please pay attention to this page if you are a beginner of cooking who has
been far from cooking all your life, and if you are brave enough to jump
into the kitchen because you want to try cooking!

The Bfancy Design Research Institute planned this
scrapbook with the hope that those who have
challenged cooking can overcome the difficulties in
a little fun.

From dishes made with ingredients in the
refrigerator right away to dishes that can impress
parents, the scrapbook contains storytelling content.

We hope you can overcome the rough ‘Cooking
Jungle’ by turning it into a pleasant memory
through the quest scrapbook.

Complete the cooking quest and try cooking level
If you were not confident in cooking, you would be
the best cook in the world.

Write down the challenge and get the motivation to escape the cooking beginner.

Starting with the beginner’s cooking,

If you improve your skills through cooking training,

You will be able to grow up so that you can even make a dish that
you can give someone as a gift.

Don’t be discouraged if you create a new life(?).
The experience of failure will help you grow.

If you don’t clean up after cooking, your mother’s back smashing may come.

Curious about actual book?

Dog story scrapbook,
“Me and My Dog”

The lifetime of dog flies like an arrow.

After the dog days of toddling, it grew day by day, and now it’s the same age as
How can I fill my dog’s life with fun and happy memories that are passing faster
than humans?

Me and My Dog is not a daily homework.
One day, you can attach a funny picture of your dog that you took, and another
day, you can spend time and record it according to the quest written on it.

Dogs are happy just to be with you, so please make more time and more
memories with them under the pretext of filling the album.

You can scrap your daily life,

Or get to know your dog more,

There’s quests to do that you haven’t done before with your dog.

Feel free to scrap photos of your beloved
dog regardless of size or number.

It’s okay if your dog doesn’t follow your plan.
That will be a fun memory, too!

Watch Out for Tears
Tears may suddenly flow while scraping.

On the last page of the album, there is a section where you write what you felt
sorry for and thankful for your dog, and a page where you write a letter.
If you organize your feelings while completing the quest, you may cry because
of your love for your dog.
In that case, quietly tell your dog that you love him.

Scrap Tip

There may be people who are unfamiliar with how to use it
because it is a scrapbook that has never been used before.
We’ll show you how to decorate it on Good Note and tell you
how to use it!

# Please bring the picture to Good Note.
Tap the picture icon at the top and bring the picture.

If you click on the imported picture once, the window below appears.
After clicking Cut and select Free, cut into the shape you want,
and press Finish.

# Post the picture where you want, it’s done!

You can’t change the order of the top and
bottom of the picture in Good Note.
If you want to see the top picture, please bring it up at the end.

+ If you decorate it with stickers, it’ll be a cuter memory, right?
Just as you have brought a picture, you can use
and cut the sticker as you want.

Available Applications

such as basic note applications, other than those listed below.
We recommend that you use it only in note applications
with hyperlinks, such as Good Note, Notability, Note Shelf, and Samsung Note.


Digital Products
You can receive it like this!

When you complete the payment for NFT, we will send you the scrapbook file to the email you signed up for.

If you purchase CookingQuest NFT, the file of CookingQuest will be sent, and if you purchase Me and My Dog NFT, the file of Me and My Dog will be sent. Please carefully check the options before purchasing.

Please download it through Safari application or Samsung Internet application to prevent file errors!

Mobile devices and applications (Good Note, Notability, Note shelf, etc.) for using files are not included in the product and must be purchased separately.

CookingQuest and Me and My Dog are creations protected by the Copyright Protection Act and can only be used for personal purposes by one buyer, and civil and criminal penalties can be imposed by related laws when sharing and distributing the file to others, secondary modification, and commercial use.

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