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Minting Guide

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, which means an irreplaceable token. NFT is a digital asset with unique value through blockchain technology.

1. Entering 01etc [Create] Menu

- Log in and go to the minting screen.

2. Registering Thumbnails

- Please register a thumbnail image that can express NFT.

- Thumbnail images must be registered below 10MB.

3. Set NFT is sales type, number of editions, and royalty fees

3-1. Sales Type

- Please select the type of sales you want.

※ 01etc uses two sales methods: fixed price sale and English auction. Fixed-price sale is a way for creators to sell NFTs for the amount they want, and English Auction is a way for buyers to compete and eventually win the bid for the highest price.

3-2. Edition

- Quantity of NFT to be issued.

3-3. Royalty Fee

- Creators can set royalties when minting works. Royalty fee is an additional fee that can be received when the second sale of a work minted by the creator takes place. You can set up to 10% on 01etc.

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